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Scarlet Haunt


Paranormal investigators beware! This mystery’s no banging pipes nor creaking stairs. There is a presence looming these halls. Avoid her spirit and retrieve her dolls. You have 60 minutes till the clock strikes midnight, or else be haunted by the scarlet red light!

Scarlet Haunt


  •   Long overdue but had my friends and I try their Scarlet Haunting Escape Room a couple weeks back and the experience was amazing! Being a first timer at escape rooms,... read more

    thumb Melissa O.

      Booked scarlet haunting for 2 on a weekday night. We called to let them know we were going to be a few minutes late. Parking at the park was free... read more

    thumb Michelle N.

      As someone who has played over 100 escape rooms, I can safely say that The Scarlet Haunting is the spooky thriller room that that Bay Area needs.

    Featuring some really... read more

    thumb Gerardo P.
  •   Done over 25+ escape rooms in the Bay Area. Really enjoyed the Scarlet Haunt room as it had a good balance between puzzles and spookiness. Our GM was very helpful... read more

    thumb Philippe B.

      Have done a good amount of escape rooms all throughout the Bay Area. Came to try out the Scarlet Haunt room and it was great!!! I'm a jumpy person but... read more

    thumb Leeann P.

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